One to one coaching and mentoring

Nick Bayley

Commitment, care and kindness.

fulfill your potential

I work with business leaders and entrepreneurs who typically face a huge range of daily challenges and demands when seeking to Create a successful business.

In a one to one setting ,  I give you a safe space ,to slow down , develop the  ideas , strategies and plans needed to achieve your goals and aspirations. 

Using a clean coaching approach the aim is to help you find your own solutions, fulfill your full potential and therefore live a happier life.

Dave Lewis

video testimonial

My name is Dave Lewis and I work with individuals to align what they want most from life with their money. I was formerly a professional rugby player and so was fortunate enough to benefit from working with some world class coaches and I hold Nick in the same regard.

Since stepping away from rugby, I have been looking to enhance my communication skills and working with Nick over the last 12-18 months has really accelerated that aspect of my development.

Nick has an uncanny ability to hold a mirror up, highlighting your strengths and nudging you to work on area’s you can improve.

We have regular sessions and I always come away in a positive mindset going forward. Overall, I feel my self-awareness and confidence is improving through working with Nick, this had the knock on effect of better conversations with clients as well as in general life.

Thanks Nick