One to one coaching and mentoring

Over our working lives we will be faced with many trials , tribulations and challenges.

  • Challenging teams
  • Imposter syndrome in a new role
  • Team and individual disfunction
  • Desire for a better work life balance 
  • A challenging boss
  • Desire for career progression
  • Generally stuck and in a career rut

At “ yes coach” we aim to listen profoundly to your story , understand your situation and work with you to help you make the necessary “shifts” in thoughts and actions to move forward and lead a happier and more fulfilled life.


On request. Please contact Nick for training.


On request. Management or business consultancy. 

Two people jotting down notes in a meeting

F.A.Q. coaching

At the beginning you and I will meet and decide if we have the right “chemistry” to work together effectively.

We will agree a meeting pattern and I will initially work with you to establish clear goals and aims. We then work together so that you achieve the outcomes you want.

Each meeting will end with a series of SMART actions which you will be held accountable for.

No. The approach is to work with you so that you generate your own ideas and solutions. Though a process of questioning, noticing, reflecting back and challenging areas you may have avoided in the past the idea is to enable you to create your own solutions and ideas which allow you to be successful and fulfill your full potential.

All meetings and interactions are completely confidential between Coach and coachee.

This will be agreed on a case by case basis but typically coach and coachee might work together for a period of 9-12 months, meeting on a monthly basis ,  to ensure the best chance of seeing actions through to a successful conclusion. 

Sessions can cease at any time .

In our current climate meeting can be held face to face or on ZOOM or TEAMS , tailored to suit the coachee?